Welcome to Pure Love Ministries

Dr Ann Love is now in Orange County California!

Pure Love Ministries was founded in 1985 by Dr. Ann Love. This ministry will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is unique, and there has never been two services that are the same. In this pure prophetic ministry anything can happen from deep emotional healing to miracles, signs and wonders. It will transform the lives of those who experience it, via America’s airways, either by TV, radio or from pulpits all over this nation!

The LOVE CLINIC provides inner-healing with Christian Therapist, Dr. Ann Love. The “T.L.C.” mobile clinic offers confidential inner-healing sessions for pastors across the country at the pastors’ discretion at their home church. Call the ministry line: 949.903.8297 for Pastor Brook Smith for detailed information or to schedule a Inner-Healing Conference or Sexual Purity Conference in your area. (see below for details)

3 Responses to Welcome to Pure Love Ministries

  1. Dawn Owens says:

    I want to experience and my husband as well..we don’t know where you are located and there is no way to leave a message onthe phone!!!

    • Trevor says:

      Love how the Lord is using your talents! Looking forward to reading how things are going with your ministry in your blog. I have dreams of starting the same type of ministry. Running across your website was a pleasant encouragement! May God bless you!

  2. Rayssa says:

    You are so right. Scripture teaches that God made us for fellowship with Him. I believe He is longing for us to realize how special we are to Him. Once we stop hiding, we can find that relationship with Him becomes more forceful than the pull of any lesser thing. Thanks for taking a stand to help people find what they were made for.

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